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We guarantee you efficiency and reliability while assisting you with your research. Contact us for any inquiries in regards to research and management services.

Research Consultancy Services

We provide you our expertise and decades of experiences in national and international research projects by our consultancy services in any stage of your research.

Project Management

We accompany you to bear the responsibility of management and conduct of your research project, to save your valuable time for more creativity and innovation


Quantitative and qualitative statistical analysis of more than 100 scientific research projects at the national and local level is part of our vast experience in many different areas that you could benefit from.


So far, we have been able to prepare more than 70 reports of different research projects. We provide you with our experience in order to document and present your scientific achievements in the highest level of academic standards.

Respected industrial managers, university research centers, university professors, doctoral students, policy and decision makers

Farzanegan Nik Andish Institute for development of knowledge and technology provides you with professional services to help you develop your ideas, convert them to research and will accompany you till the end of the project. Farzanegan Nik Andish Institute for development of knowledge and technology guarantees high academic capability, a highly professional team, and the flexibility of the private sector all within one institute. The institute will be by your side in managing and implementing your research projects.


Agility, responsiveness, efficiency, and discipline of the private sector has always provided great opportunities for governmental agencies and organizations to advance their projects with speed, quality, accuracy and order. If you are one of the adequate and competent leaders and managers of the academic society that is striving to overcome challenges and improve your organization or institute, Farzanegan Nik Andish Institute of Knowledge Development and Technology is the best option for you. We guarantee your success by bringing together the public sector, academia, the private sector and NGOs. We help organizations, research centers and scholars to get access to systems and processes that enable them to succeed in their endeavors with the highest quality research, obtaining national and international grants, ensuring the dissemination of their scientific achievements, and acquiring global credibility.


Here are a number of our most esteemed and valued customer that have partnered with us in the past in their researches

اداره کل بهزیستی استان البرز
سازمان بهزیستی کشور
ستادمبارزه با مواد مخدر
مرکز تحقیقات و فن آوری مجتمع پتروشیمی
وازرت بهداشت و آموزش پزشکی
مرکز تحقیقات بهداشت کار ایران

Many university professors, PhD students, researchers and industry owners have also received our services.


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