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Conducting surveys and data collection in the field

You can entrust us to provide you with excellent services in the following areas; cost estimation of the project, study design and methodology, sample extraction, field data collection, data entry in the software of your choice, and conducting the survey study.
Contributing to the largest national survey on substance abuse prevalence with a sample of 61,000 people and performing the largest household survey on the injury incidence, prevalence and patterns in India, in Pune are some examples of our successful services in methodology design and conducting survey study.

Needs Assessment, Monitoring and Evaluation

Carrying out the numerous studies in the field of needs assessment, monitoring and evaluating various programs at the national and local levels has provided us a treasure of scientific and practical knowledge that will be at your fingertips. Some examples of our successful works:

    • Evaluation of the implementation of the Executive Code Note 1 Article 16 Amendment of the Counter Narcotics Law in 1395

    • Evaluation of the pilot project for improving community-based prevention program for addiction in urban and rural areas

    • National Assessment of harm Reduction Programs in the Welfare Organization of Iran

    • Health needs assessment and prioritization of Employees and Residents in Kaveh Industrial Zone

Developing Scientific and Policy Plans and Policy Briefs

Collaborating in compilation of national policy and plans and science documents has helped us in getting to know the delicacies and complexities of policy formulation, writing a guide, and style sheet. Now, we are ready to offer you this valuable experience. Our successful portfolio in this area:

    • Compilation of the Comprehensive Document on the Treatment and Social Protection of Addiction

    • Compilation of Executive Guide and Related Style sheets for establishing the Therapeutic Circuit court in Iran

    • Developing a guide to organizing social protection in the prevention, treatment and harm reduction of drug addiction in Iran

    • Compilation of a Comprehensive Document on the Treatment and Social Protection of Addiction in Iran


Scientometrics is one of the most common methods for evaluating scientific activities, quality of scientific production and research management. The purpose of Scientometrics is to evaluate the progress of scientific-research activity in each scientific discipline and the factors that influence its development. Some examples of our successful works:

    • Scientometrics study on Iranian Occupational Health Journal

    • Scientometrics study on the progress of lung transplantation knowledge in the world

    • Scientometrics study on the development of knowledge in the field of Cell-free Fetal DNA

Designing and Conducting Clinical Trials

Developing the training manual of “Research Methods in Clinical Trials” and teaching and research experience in accordance with the international standards are examples of our achievements in this field.

Monitoring Scientific Advancement, Conducting Systematic Reviews and Meta-analysis

In order to provide the latest scientific and technological advancements available in industry related or research fields, we help you to keep you up-to-date.

    • The development of scientific evidences in the field of Drug Court, international and national policies in treatment and social protection of addiction, and integration of drug treatment services in the primary health care system are some examples of our several successful work experiences in this area.

    • Developing Scientific Books and Articles (in Persian and English)

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So far, we have succeeded to write dozens of scientific articles and books in Persian and English.

Qualitative and Quantitative Data Analysis

Quantitative and qualitative statistical analysis of more than 100 scientific research projects at the national and local level is part of our vast experience in many different areas that you could benefit from.

Formulating Research Reports (in Persian and English)

So far, we have been able to prepare more than 70 reports of different research projects. We provide you with our experience in order to document and present your scientific achievements in the highest level of academic standards.



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